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"I'm Me"

18 July 1979
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I'm a busy-body. I'm also a mommy, student and FT Admin assistant. I LOVE Football, NASCAR, music and Western Michigan University... GO BRONCOS!!!! I'm usually a good sport about most things, but there are a few exceptions... like, Ohio State, Michigan State, rap, Tony Stewart, die hard conservatives... just to name a few.

I'm a sucker for a hot guy... period!

I love to read, more than I love to write. I have all these ideas swimmimng around... but can never get down the same way on paper. Frustrating... I know. I am trying my hand at writing and that is what I started the journal for, but I'll probably start using it as kinda of day-to-day journal. Being a single mom of two under 10, kinda leaves me without someone to just talk to, so this journal will come in pretty handy.

Oh, and just for the record... I am a black Detroiter that LOVES NASCAR and Football... and hockey... and country music. (Laugh all you want! I've heard all the smartass remarks.)

And before I go... CASEY MEARS IS HOT!!!!